Oil Paintings

These are some of my recent paintings depicting the beauty and holiness of Jewish/Israeli life. They are not for sale but I hope you enjoy viewing them.

Jerusalem Street Scene

Jerusalem Street Scene

Beggar On the Mount of Olives

Beggar On the Mount of Olives

Ethiopian Jewess

Ethiopian Jewess

Shabbat Blessing

Shabbat Blessing

The Little Knitter (from Bouguereau)

The Little Knitter – This is a copy of an old painting by Bouguereau.

OK this one is probably not Jewish/Israeli, but it could be. It is a copy of an old painting by Bouguereau.

Portrait Of Jesus

Portrait Of Jesus

Here is my latest painting – a portrait of my Jewish Lord and Savior, Yeshua haMeshiach, (Jesus the Messiah).



  1. Elena,
    This is a great avenue for your passion for Israel. I enjoy your wonderful gift.

  2. Thank you, the pictures are beautiful. Wish I could paint like you, but that is not my forte’. You are a blessing to me!

  3. What a blessing, Elena! I love your blog, and your paintings are simply amazing! Thanks for sharing with me…I look forward to keeping up with your posts! 🙂

  4. Elena, you are sooo gifted! I agree with Denise, this is a great way to share your passion for Israel.

    Blessings and Shalom

  5. Elena,
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge of Isreal with me. I love your Blog and enjoy reading it.
    Your paintings are so real I love them.
    Shalom Joan

  6. Thanks for your nice comments. Allow me to introduce you to an artist who recently taught me the ‘underpainting and glazing’ method of oil painting, which has been used by many of the old masters. She is Katherine Howard and offers lessons for all levels, both private and group – currently at the Ashland Community Center, MA. She has won many awards for her paintings. Please check her website to see some of her work:

  7. I looked at your beautiful oil paintings. What a talent. They look so lifelike and I am sure they took some time to do. I love the Shabbat Blessing one.

    I have been looking at the articles on Israel which are really informative. The one you put in today is just exactly what is going on. Last evening, I was watching TBN and Matt and Laurie Crouch and Joel and Victoria Osteen in Israel with so many in attendance. I imagine that once you have been there, you would be able to picture what you are reading in the Bible in the very surroundings and everything would come alive in an even better sense. I also watch Joyce Meyer and she has been preaching to the masses in India with a huge attendance and many have converted to Christianity. These mega churches are accomplishing a lot as the Gospel message is able to be preached to the nations and when all of that has been accomplished, Jesus will return for the Believers just exactly as the Scripture says.

  8. These oil paintings are great! Thanks for sharing this! I like it!…Daniel

  9. Hi Elena,
    Thanks for your beautiful paintings. I especially enjoyed the knitter as my mother is a knitter and was from a young age. The detail is very well done. We met on Bridges for Peace Tour in 2009. Blessings.

  10. Thank you Ruth and all of you.

  11. Hi Elena, Haven’t been here in a while, but love your gifts of painting and expression of the love within you. May God continue to bless you so you may share with all of us! Carol Lavallee

  12. I’m amazed by your incredible gift for painting. Beautiful, just beautiful!

  13. These paintings are beautiful–you are a lady of many gifts Elena!

  14. Elena, God has given you so many gifts. It is a delight to see you use them.

  15. Elena you are an amazing painter and I like all your work… Beautiful !!

  16. So glad to come across your blog. I found it after watching a Derek Prince video when he described living in Israel…wonderful oil paintings!

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