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Christians Tour Israel Despite Terrorism

October 2015 Joshua Fund tour

October 2015 Joshua Fund tour

According to Joel Rosenberg, the current wave of terrorism that’s been encouraged and incited by Palestinian leaders could be an eruption of a “Third Intifada”. Since September 17, at least 153 Israelis have been wounded, and 11 Israelis have been killed. Yet, amazingly, Evangelical Christians from all over the world continue to come to tour the country and bless Israel!

Nearly 200 Evangelicals just spent nearly two weeks in the Land with The Joshua Fund on their  “Prayer & Vision Tour,” and they had only a few cancellations, despite the violence. Click here for photos of the tour:

Currently 150 Evangelicals are here with Tony Perkins and Gen. Jerry Boykin on the Family Research Council’s first-ever tour of Israel. It’s been greatly encouraging to the Israeli people, the tourism industry, and government leaders to see Christians continuing to come to show their love and solidarity. As the world increasingly turns against Israel at the U.N. and in other international forums, Israelis often feel very much alone. But the steadfast love of Bible-believing Christians is very moving and unexpected here. Especially now.


lunch in “Abraham’s Tent”

Please pray for the apple of God’s eye:

  • Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. (Psalms 122:6)
  • Pray for the Lord to comfort and heal all those who have been wounded.
  • Pray for what the Bible calls “peace that passes understanding” for the families and friends of those who have been killed.
  • Pray for the Lord to comfort and heal the deep emotional wounds of Palestinian families whose loved ones have turned into terrorists, or have been captured and killed for attacking Israeli citizens.
  • Pray for security forces to have favor and success in stopping terror attacks and restoring the rule of law. The good news is that Israeli security forces have learned over the years how to stop terrorist suicide bombing attacks. They have also created the Iron Dome system to neutralize the impact of rocket attacks by Hamas and other terror groups in Gaza. The bad news is that the terrorists have resorted to using kitchen knives, meat cleavers, broken bottles and cars to attack Israeli civilians, police officers and border guards.
  • Pray that the Lord restrains those who want to do evil, thwarts their plots, and brings them to justice — and that the Lord would dramatically change the hearts of Palestinian leaders who are inciting young people to attack and kill Jews.
  • Pray for wisdom for Israeli leaders to know exactly how to handle the situation, while also showing compassion towards Israeli Arabs who are citizens of the Jewish State, and compassion on Palestinian Arabs who are not terrorists and are suffering even further because of the actions of evil doers.
  • Pray that the Lord would knit together the hearts of Jewish and Arab followers of Jesus Christ, that we would not let the current violence and tensions divide us, but rather unite us in love, in prayer for the nation and region, and in humble service towards one another.
  • Pray above all that the Holy Spirit would dramatically and supernaturally open the eyes of the lost and the spiritually blind to the truth that Jesus is the Christ foretold in the ancient Biblical prophecies and that only by faith in His death and resurrection can any of us have true divine forgiveness of our sins, peace with God, and hope in this increasingly dark world.”

airportIt’s not just a physical war underway in this region, it’s a white-hot spiritual war, as well. So thank you for loving and praying for Israel, and God bless you.

To see some photos of my two trips to Israel, click on the Israel Travel tab above.



  1. Approximately 290,000 tourists entered Israel during October 2015, as opposed to 224,000 in the previous month of September – an increase of 29%. This is great news!

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