Posted by: Elena's Israel Blog | 10/30/2014

Is God Miraculously Protecting Israel?

A recent video by the Israel Video Network ministry prompted me to write a blog post about some of the miraculous events in Israel’s past and current history. The 2 minute video about very recent events can be viewed by clicking here:
but I would like to cite some other events showing God’s unending protection of Israel, against all odds. Dr. David R. Reagan, Founder & Director of Lamb & Lion Ministries, has written and spoken about some of these.

divineprotectionThe Battle of Yad Mordecai

“Israel’s War Of Independence in 1948 resulted in an incredible, unbelievable, marvelous victory for Israel, and during the war there were many miraculous events. I want to tell you about one that you will find hard to believe. It occurred at a kibbutz called Yad Mordecai which is located 36 miles south of Tel Aviv near the northern border of the Gaza strip. The kibbutz is located on the coastal road from Egypt to Tel Aviv.” He goes on to say that among the many enemies attacking the newly established state was Egypt. They had 5,000 troops which split – one part approaching Jerusalem and the other toward Tel Aviv. The troops heading north were stopped at a certain kibbutz called Yad Mordecai, a humble group of Jewish people, working to cause ’the desert to bloom’. Most of its women and children had evacuated and only 130 men, some mere teenagers, were left to defend the kibbutz. 20 of them were fighters sent down from Tel Aviv, but these men felt it would be a suicide mission. The others were not trained in the military. They had dug trenches and filled them with sandbags. They had only 37 rifles, one anti-tank gun, two light mortars, and two machine guns. That’s all they had! They knew they didn’t have a chance against the tanks, artillery and air sorties coming toward them but they charged anyway in a suicide attempt. “The Egyptians were not able to overrun the kibbutz until the defenders decided to retreat under the cover of darkness because more than one-half of them had been killed and the other half had been wounded. Over 300 Egyptian soldiers died in the battle and the five days gave the defenders of Tel Aviv the time to prepare their defenses.

fighters“While the kibbutz held off the advancing Egyptian army, four Messerschmitt airplanes had arrived from Czechoslovakia. They’d been hastily assembled so that they could be used. They were deployed on May the 29th to help stop the Egyptian army before it could reach Tel Aviv. How in the world could 130 untrained civilians with only rudimentary armament hold off the Egyptian army for five days? No one to this day has ever been able to explain it. It had to be a miracle of God.”

Another event that defies logic and reason in its outcome happened during the Yom Kippur War, when a coalition of Arab states, led by Egypt and Syria, launched a joint surprise attack on Israel on Yom Kippur, the holiest day in Judaism. Tank commander David Yaniv’s experience on the Golan Heights was certainly a miracle, when a mysterious wind came out of nowhere to expose thousands of mines in the field where they were stranded, saving their lives only meters away from passing Syrian tank convoys. After the prayer of one man, this wind blew away nearly a foot of topsoil and then just as suddenly stopped, revealing the hiding places of thousands of mines so the soldiers could escape unharmed!

Every time Israel has been attacked, Pentagon and Kremlin leaders have declared defeat as inevitable. In 1973, the odds of surviving were so impossible, prime minister Golda Meir considered suicide. The cabinet drew up plans for a government in exile. Complete annihilation was a certainty. At the last minute, American aid provided by a president known to be devoutly anti-Semitic provided the largest airlift of arms since World War II to save Israel. Why? When Saddam Hussein literally rained down scores of scud missiles on Israel’s cities during the Gulf War, not one person was killed. How do you explain that? The military experts at West Point won’t study Israel’s wars because their outcomes are too impossible.

Well, of course God is protecting the ‘apple of His eye’ Israel and the Jewish people. Yes, he has had to punish them several times throughout history but He will never let them disappear. He has already fulfilled His promise to restore them to their ancient homeland, where they are flourishing and blessing the world. He will, in His time, purify them, they will return to the God of their fathers and their Messiah will return to be with them in Jerusalem!


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