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KLITAH? What’s That?

                                                              What is Klitah?

You may know what Aliyah is from a previous post in this blog,

newly arrived in the Land

newly arrived in the Land

It means ‘going up’ or going home/immigrating to the promised Land. Nowadays Jews from all over the world are returning or going up for the first time to actually live in the homeland of their forefathers, Israel. Ever since the late 1800’s, Jews have been feeling the call and the yearning to settle there. As they have continued to fill up the land given to them by God for an everlasting inheritance, it has changed from a ‘barren wasteland’, a malaria infested, swampy land with parched, rocky desert in the south, to a country of sophisticated agricultural and technological acclaim. As you may have learned also from this blog and other sources, the ancient Hebrew language has miraculously been reborn and is now the official language of Israel. In 1948, what was called Palestine became officially known as modern Israel.

But, what is Klitah? Well, after Aliyah, Klitah (resettlement) is necessary. While new immigrants are overjoyed to begin their new lives in Israel, many arrive there with little but the clothes on their backs. They need immediate help, including food, clothing, and job training. They need to learn Hebrew and they need education for their children.

Some of these immigrants are transitioning from a rural, subsistence level agricultural society to the high tech world of modern Israel. These people have waited years to call Israel their home and now need to integrate successfully into their new country. There are organizations which provide feeding, clothing, housing, teaching and providing for the welfare of these immigrants so they can get on their feet and lead productive lives, helping to usher in a brighter, stronger future for Israel.


anonymous Ethiopian Jewish girl

An example of this is an eight year old child Betty, who arrived in Israel from Gondar, Ethiopia with her family. She felt overwhelmed and lost. She found her school work a big struggle and it was hard to make friends. In Ethiopia there was no opportunity to attend a modern school and she knew no Hebrew at all. Fortunately, the Fellowship of Christians and Jews was able to supply housing and other assistance through their Beit Alpha-Gilboa Absorption Center. They also provided Betty with an after school program called Matzophim (“water wings”) which helps kids stay afloat. She is learning Hebrew, math and English as a supplement to her regular classes. She is now much more confident and is able to read and write in Hebrew.

Arthur, little boy from Belarus in the former Soviet Union, had been mistreated because of his Jewish faith. He had switched to a Jewish school but his family faced anti-semitism on a daily basis. When he was five, they immigrated to Israel, again with the help of the IFCJ’s “Eagles On Wings” program. He had a happy childhood after that, succeeded in school and became a champion wrestler in high school. He was later ranked second in the country through the Israeli youth national championships. With all his new success, he still felt something was missing. The process of Klitah can take years, but the IFCJ was able to give him the needed help, enlisting him in a Fellowship sponsored mechina, or army preparatory program. Her he was able to explore his Jewish heritage and perform volunteer services for needy countrymen. He now serves in an elite combat unit in the prestigious Nahal Brigade. He looks forward to a life of contribution to Jewish people. He plans to visit Jewish communities abroad and inspire other Jews to make Aliyah.

IFCJRabbi Yechiel Eckstein is the founder of the IFCJ and cares deeply for his people. He appreciates the millions of Christians around the world who love Israel and the Jews and help to support this ministry. If you have this passion and have the means, consider becoming a donor to this trustworthy and much needed ministry. To learn more about it and perhaps make a donation or pledge ongoing support, visit this webpage:

Remember, those who bless the Chosen People will be blessed!

1 The LORD had said to Abram, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you. 
2 “I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing.
3 I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”


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