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I purposely waited until there was some resolution, albeit temporary, to the recent attacks of Hamas on Israel, and their counter-attacks, to post about it. As always and ever, there was much propaganda from both Hamas AND the mainstream media, making the terrorists look like the good guys – victims, when actually they had escalated their longstanding rocket fire into Israel with a vengeance. By the way, their weapons were largely supplied by Iran. While the Israel Defense Forces, in preparing to take out the rocket launch sites in Gaza, tried every way possible to warn Arab civilians to leave the targeted areas, Hamas, on the other hand, was purposely trying to kill Israeli civilians, and purposely had installed their launch facilities in populated areas. “There is no moral equivalence between Israel and the terrorists in Gaza” P.M.Benjamin Netanyahu. And, as the IDF’s Operation Pillar of Defense in Gaza continued, Hamas has made several totally false claims about damages it has supposedly done to Israeli cities and soldiers. This is done in order to give the public in Gaza a false image as though Hamas is defeating Israel. Actually only 5 Israelis were killed while over 100 Gazans were killed. Winston Churchill once said, “A lie gets half way around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.”

In response, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit has put together and distributed several videos which present the truth and disprove the Hamas lies. Among other claims, Hamas said its missiles directly hit Tel Aviv more than once, despite sirens having been sounded in Tel Aviv there was only one direct hit on the city. In most cases the missiles landed in open areas and in one case on Saturday, the Iron Dome anti-missile system shot down the missile.

The terror group also claimed to have hit the Israeli Knesset. In reality, a missile fired by Gaza terrorists on Friday sounded off sirens in Jerusalem, but the missile landed in open areas outside the city. In another lie, Hamas published a photo of a wounded child, claiming he was hurt in an IDF air strike. In truth, the child was not wounded in Gaza but rather in Syria as part of the ongoing civil war in the country. The terror group has also claimed that it brought down Israeli fighter jets and warships.

None of the claims are true.

“Israel has no quarrel with Gaza. It has no military presence in Gaza. It ripped out the settlement enterprise it had constructed in Gaza. Had a peaceful Gaza flourished after 2005, Israel – even though our country is tiny and embattled – would have been tempted, in its burning quest for a quiet place among the nations, to relinquish much or all of biblical Judea and Samaria to the Palestinians as well. None of this is of interest to Hamas; it should all be remembered, however, by those who seek to avoid the unpalatable reality of Hamas’s kill-and-be-killed motivation and look instead for ostensible reasons for Hamas-led “resistance.”
Who are these people?

They are, as they showed on Friday, people with no compunction about killing absolutely anybody. In firing missiles toward Jerusalem – firing indiscriminately, pushing themselves to the very limits of their deadly capabilities – they showed utter indifference to the lives of their own brothers, sisters, parents. Those rockets could have gone anywhere. They could have killed anyone. They were aimed at areas filled with Israelis and Palestinians, with Jews, Christians and Muslims.
So what.
Those rockets could have slammed into places holy to Jews, to Christians, and to Muslims.
So what.

Their own people. Their own most venerated places. For Hamas, all targets are fair game. For in their malevolence, they have persuaded themselves that they are fighting a holy war in whose cause the most reprehensible actions are rendered laudable.  None of this should surprise anyone. Hamas’s despicable conception of religion holds that the finest act one can do to honor the divine creator is to kill off his creations – Jews, Christians, Muslims, themselves. In Hamas’s perverted doctrine, this is the path to paradise. Its operatives lust for death. They have deluded themselves that this is God’s will. This is difficult for most of us to internalize. Our instinctive sense is that surely, ultimately, everybody just wants to live and let live. And by extension, therefore, in our particular conflict, that surely, ultimately, we could work things out if only we all sat down together.

Actually, no. Actually, we are grappling here with people who have lost “tzelem elohim” (the image of God), who have spurned the divine gift of life, rejected the sheer joy of drawing breath on this planet. The terrorists of Hamas and others like them – inspired, armed, funded and trained by the ideologically and territorially rapacious rulers of Iran – do not ultimately seek to live and let live. They strain to kill and be killed.

Can you imagine what it is like living under constant fear of attack? Click here for a 2 minute video of a student at BenGurion U. during a Code Red siren:–in-Be-ersheva/64823bbd-1590-4d92-8aa9-e19fe4f3de45

Reality for Israeli children

“If the Arabs put down their weapons today, there would be no more violence; if the Israelis put down their weapons today, there would be no more Israel” Benjamin Netanyahu

So, although a cease fire has been reached, I feel it is only temporary. In fact, some Israelis are reporting random rockets here and there even since the truce. I truly feel that it’s impossible to negotiate peace with a group who wants to exterminate your people and denounces your country’s right to EXIST!! Only when the Lord Messiah returns to earth will there be peace in the Middle East!


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