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If there ARE miracles, Israel itself has to be one. Born out of the ashes of the Holocaust, it was just one day old when it was attacked by twelve armies that the world fully expected would annihilate it. Israel didn’t even have an army. There was one tank and five cannons with which to fight back an Armada against them. And yet, Israel won. How?

What is known as “THE GREAT MIRACLE” is as follows: AMOS HOREV, still alive today, witnessed an achievement beyond human explanation. An IDF soldier named IRA RAPPAPORT, whose surrounded platoon on Mt. Zion faced hundreds of Jordanians with only 25 bullets between them, recounts this amazing event. Preparing themselves to die, they saw the Jordanians suddenly begin shouting “Abraham! Abraham!,” and running away. Years later, Ira met one of those Jordanian soldiers, who told him they ran away because they had seen a vision of Abraham defending the Jews in the sky above the young Israelis!!! Is that a miracle or what!

Another event that defies logic and reason in its outcome happened during the Yom Kippur War, when a coalition of Arab states, led by Egypt and Syria, launched a joint surprise attack on Israel on Yom Kippur, the holiest day in Judaism. Tank commander DAVID YANIV’s experience on the Golan Heights was certainly a miracle, when a mysterious wind came out of nowhere to expose thousands of mines in the field where they were stranded, saving their lives only meters away from passing Syrian tank convoys. After the prayer of one man, this wind blew away nearly a foot of topsoil and then just as suddenly stopped, revealing the hiding places of thousands of mines so the soldiers could escape unharmed!

Every time Israel has been attacked, Pentagon and Kremlin leaders have declared defeat as inevitable. In 1973, the odds of surviving were so impossible, prime minister Golda Meir considered suicide. The cabinet drew up plans for a government in exile. Complete annihilation was a certainty. At the last minute, American aid provided by a president known to be devoutly anti-Semitic provided the largest airlift of arms since World War II to save Israel. Why? When Saddam Hussein literally rained down scores of scud missiles on Israel’s cities during the Gulf War, not one person was killed. How do you explain that? The military experts at West Point won’t study Israel’s wars because their outcomes are too impossible.

But the anomalies don’t stop on the battlefield…How did Hebrew become the only dead language in history to be revived after 2,000 years? Why would millions of people from around the world leave their homes and move to a desert wasteland to build new lives for themselves? How did these people manage to turn a land more than 80% desert into one of the largest food and flower exporters in the world? Why have incredible achievements in science, medicine, and new technologies happened here in greater concentration than anywhere else? There are no logical answers. Some say these things can only be explained as miracles.

The two miracles described above are only two out of twelve that have been dramatized by investigative journalist Michael Greenspan, who accepted an assignment to research the stories of incredible occurrences in Israel in the twentieth century, particularly during its major wars – stories that defy logic and reason in their outcome. He confronted military leaders, battle commanders, strategists, and common soldiers on the field who provided their viewpoints of remarkable stories of heroism and bravery…some that defy human understanding.

AGAINST ALL ODDS: In Search Of A Miracle is a film produced by Greenspan, in which twelve modern day miracles have been dramatized, first for public TV, and now for purchase. I own this set of 6 DVDs and they are inspiring and moving. I highly recommend you purchase this set to share with a Sunday school class or friends everywhere! You can also click here: to view excerpts from it on Youtube!

But to purchase the 6-DVD 9 hour movies, click on this:

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