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Conversational Hebrew Survival Phrases

Are you planning a trip to Israel any time soon? If so, you might find this helpful. The following Hebrew language lesson is an excerpt from Transparent Language‘s Hebrew software, HebrewNow! and Languages of the World. The Basic Hebrew Phrases and the Hebrew Phrases for Meeting and Greeting will lead you to the Hebrew Dialog at the end, which exemplifies how these Hebrew survival phrases are used in conversational Hebrew.

Basic Hebrew Phrases

ken. Yes.

lo. No.

bevakasha. Please.

toda. Thank you.

al lo davar.  You’re welcome.

slikha.  Excuse me.

ani mitsta-er. I am sorry.

boker tov. Good morning.

erev tov. Good evening.

layla tov. Good night.

Hebrew Phrases for Meeting and Greeting

ata medaber anglit? Do you speak English?

mishehu po medaber anglit? Does anyone here speak English?

ani medaber rak ketsat ivrit. I only speak a little Hebrew.

ma shimkha? What is your name?

shemi mikhal. My name is Mikhal.

ma shelomkha? How are you?

ani beseder, toda. I’m fine, thank you.

na-im me-od lehakir otkha. I am very glad to meet you.

ani lo mevin. I don’t understand.

ma amarta? What did you say?

efshar ledaber yoter le-at? Can you speak more slowly?

ani mevin bediyuk. I understand perfectly.

Hebrew Dialog 

Mrs. Levin: boker tov. Good medaberet anglit? Do you speak English?
Store Clerk: ani mitsta-eret, ani lo medaberet anglit.
I’m sorry, I do not speak English.
Mrs. Levin: letsa-ari, ani medaberet rak ketsat ivrit.
Unfortunately, I only speak a little Hebrew.
Store Clerk: ze beseder. That’s all right.ani mevina otakh. I understand you.




  1. You forgot two of the most important phrases. Eh-foh haSherutim “where is the bathroom” and Ani rotseh harbey glida achshav “I want lots of ice cream right away” BC

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