Posted by: Elena's Israel Blog | 03/16/2012

Southern Israel is Under Rocket Attack

Hundreds of Kassam and Grad Rockets fired from Gaza have exploded in southern Israel in the last few days. Israeli citizens are living with terrifying fear of attack… Imagine hearing a frightening siren blaring “Code Red, Code Red” and having just 15 seconds to run for cover. Imagine never being able to walk beyond a short distance of the nearest shelter.

Can you imagine the fear and terror of a rocket whistling down, not knowing whether it will land a mile away or directly on your head? Or the sudden shock when you feel the impact and the sense the relief that you’re still alive but the fear that your friends and family may not be so lucky.

Imagine if you were a little child and had to live with this terror and fear EVERY DAY…


Over 12,000 Kassam Rockets have been fired into southern Israel in the last 10 years – and OVER 250 IN THE LAST FEW DAYS. These missiles deliberately target Israeli civilians, causing chaos, destruction and death. An entire generation of children has been traumatized by the terror of ongoing rocket attacks. Nearly one million Israeli residents are within striking range of Gaza. There is an immediate and dire need to protect Israeli citizens from missile attacks.


Above-ground portable shelters need to be deployed in vulnerable Israeli communities. These shelters can be moved to where they are needed most. They will provide safety for Israeli citizens as they go about their daily lives. They are built to prevent the penetration of bullets, shrapnel and missile fragments and can withstand direct hits. While building underground shelters can take months, these pre-form units take only a few weeks to build and can be delivered and deployed immediately.

Although these shelters cannot provide Israeli communities with peace, they do provide both safety and peace of mind.

We ask you to please ‘SHARE’ this with your family and friends. They too, deserve the opportunity to help protect the citizens of Israel. May God bless you for your kindness and generosity.

Please help and the Lord will bless you!!


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