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Words With Stories

Amazing Hebrew letter and word meanings

Hebrew (eevreet)

Nothing is random or meaningless in the Hebrew alphabet (aleph bet), or in the Bible. The alphabet contains 22 letters. They are all consonants and words are formed from right to left. Vowel sounds are expressed with dots and dashes under and between some of the letters. Also there are both the ‘printed’ and the ‘cursive’ versions of each letter. At this time I am familiar with the printed letters and can decode words, but not the cursive. Each letter also has a numerical value (gematria), but in this post I will focus on the meanings underlying some of the letters as well as a few words. I am receiving this information from a great Facebook page called United With Hebrew. If you are not on Facebook, you can still visit the website with this:

Check out this amazing fact: The Jewish Star of David contains all 22 LETTERS OF THE HEBREW ALPHABET (as well as 2 of the final versions)! There is no such thing in ANY other language! Truly Divine! Look at the picture to see this phenomenon.

Actually, all languages other than HEBREW actually have their source in the HEBREW language. The Torah teaches us that every word that came our of Hashem‘s mouth was broken into 70 languages. This means that every word spoken today is originally from HEBREW! (Hashem refers to the LORD and literally means ‘the Name’)

The word ישראל / YISRAEL (Israel) is a very unique word of the Hebrew language. It actually contains the first letter of all the three fathers and mothers of the Jewish nation: The י stands for יעקב/YAAKOV (Jacob) and יצחק/YITZCHAK (Isaac), the ש stands for שרה/SARAH, the ר stands for רבקה/RIVKA (Rebecca) and רחל/RACHEL, the א stands for אברהם/ABRAHAM, and finally the ל stands for לאה/LEAH. Wow!

Jerusalem – Let’s take a closer look at the HEBREW word of this Divine city and see why we feel so spiritually attached to Jerusalem. The word Jerusalem in Hebrew is ירושלים/YERUSHALAYIM and it stands for יראו שלום/ YIRU SHALOM- “city of peace(s).” Our souls are constantly seeking peace, and Jerusalem is the city in which the ultimate peace can be attained! It is a place in which all types of people come together and feel a sense of unity and serenity. When Messiah comes, true PEACE will prevail in the world and will come from Jerusalem!

Israel is full of lemon trees! Do you know how to say lemon in HEBREW? The word is לימון/LEE-MON, actually very similar to the word lemon!

The word for “stone” in HEBREW is אבן/EH-VEN. It is a very interesting word, as it is made up of the word אב/AV, meaning “father” and בן/BEN, meaning “son.” Perhaps this is because the bond between father and son is as solid, yet as precious as stone. Our holy Temple was made of stone, and the only remaining wall that surrounded it is the one and only כתל המערבי/KOH-TELL HA-MA-A-RA-VEE, which means the “Western Wall.”

PRAS/פרס is actually the HEBREW word for “prize!” That should be an easy one to remember!

The word for “home” in HEBREW is בית/BAH-YEET. The home is the place where there can be ultimate peace and blessing, away from the offices and shopping malls. That’s why it begins with the letter ב/BET, which is the second letter of the alphabet, symbolizing bounty, abundance, and blessing! Amazing!

The way we say “welcome” in HEBREW is ברוכים הבאים/BI-ROO-CHEEM HA-BA-EEM, which literally means “blessed are those who come here.” How beautiful is the HEBREW language, in which the way we greet people is by blessing them!

A Kiss, or in HEBREW נשיקה/NISHEEYKA, is one of the most powerful expressions of love. In fact, our Sages teach us, that when Hashem revealed Himself to the Jewish nation at Mount Sinai when He gave us the Torah, it was as if Hashem was actually kissing us and we were kissing him at the same time.

Mount Sinai

This is because the giving of the Torah was the ultimate expression love- Hashem was allowing us to have a part of His holiest treasure.This momentous occasion is referred to in the Song of Songs by King Solomon as ישקני מנשיקות פיהו / YISHAKEINI MINISHEEYKOT PEHU- “Hashem kissed me from the kisses of His mouth.”

The word for “smile” in HEBREW is חיוך/CHEE-YOOCH! It’s interesting how the first two letters of the word spell חי/CHAI, meaning “alive.” Perhaps HEBREW is teaching us that to truly be alive, we must give a smile and thank Hashem for everything we have in our lives. The key to life is showing another a happy face!

These are only a few of the tidbits I receive every day from United With Hebrew. Every so often I will gather more of them together to show you!


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