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There has never been a more exciting time to be in the land given to Abraam, Isaac and Jacob. The prophetic significance is overwhelming; and the historical significance, unprecented. Meeting Jewish people who have come home from over 100 countries is an exhilarating experience. And meeting Israeli believers will revitalize your prayer life and your commitment to Israel and its people. Prophecy and history converge in Israel today. The Bible alone gives accurate information about the course and destiny of this planet. Here are a few of the many opportunities to tour the Holy Land.

IFCJ – The International Fellowship Of Christians and Jews

ISRAEL 2012 – JOURNEY HOME TOUR Nov 3 – Nov 12

$3579/person/double occ

Includes Nazareth, Sea of Galilee, Caesarea, Dead Sea, Megiddo, City of David, Jerusalem

FOI – The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry

UP TO JERUSALEM   March 13-23

$3,495 or Land Only: $2495

(Special Add-on Trip to PETRA $980/person)

With Bibles in hand you will see with your own eyes how prophecy is being lived out in Israel today. This exceptional tour includes the following:

–  soul stirring visit to ancient biblical sites

–  lots of interaction with the people and places of modern Israel

–  breathtaking views from the picturesque Galilee to the strategic Golan Heights to the golden city of Jerusalem to the shores of the Dead Sea

–  walk where Jesus walked and will walk again!

To request a March 2012 tour brochure call The Friends of Israel Mon. through Fri. between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 pm. (ET) at 800-257-7843. Ask for Lisa Grosso at ext. 139

CUFI – Christians United For Israel

John Hagee Ministries Tour – Region 8 (Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin)
March 12-22, 2012
Led by Pastors John and Matthew Hagee

Join Pastor John Hagee for a life-changing experience as you visit the Land of Promise Eretz Israel: Stand on the Mount of Olives, walk the Via Dolorosa, take communion at the Garden Tomb. Visit Yad Vashem (Holocaust Museum) with a special guest speaker and Holocaust survivor. Be part of the CUFI Jerusalem Summit and the Solidarity Rally! Click here for a brochure: CUFI Israel Tour Brochure

Several CUFI Leaders are planning tours around the CUFI Jerusalem Summit.  Please review the tours below.

Click here for more information


CFI – Christian Friends of Israel


May 29-June 10,2012

Web Site:


Pilgrim Tours – dates/packages throughout the year

Teaching On the Mount Of Olives

I went with this group in 2007 and it was wonderful!

There are many packages and dates available, including package deals for Israel including Greece, the steps of the Apostle Paul, Turkey, Italy, Egypt and much more. Browse through this site for descriptions of the many tours available in 2012:

BFP – Bridges For Peace Tours

Throughout the year, BFP’s eight national offices lead study tours of Israel—some specifically for clergy. Visits from the northern Galilee to the southern Negev bring the Bible to life. There are Study Tours, Cruises, Open Air Tours,Young Adult Tours and more. I went on the Canadian Office Study Tour in 2009. I was provided with a comprehensive study guide months before the tour, and the group was small and filled with Christians who love Israel. It was led by a wonderful man, the Canadian Director, Rev. John Howson. Visit this site for more information on the 2012 Canadian Study Tour of Israel:

And visit this site for more info on all BFP tours:


Zola Levitt Israel Tours

This ministry conducts Israel tours in spring, summer and fall. Their motto is “A trip to Israel is worth ten years of Sunday School.” —Zola

To view all their tours, visit the website at:


Sarai Tours

I have a Jewish friend in Florida, Ruby Goldman, who sells and organizes private tours to Israel for groups and individual travelers. Sarai Tours is part of the IsraelExperts group, a leading company in Israel for incoming tourism.

Call  888-727-2487 or 305-932-8120
Or visit

Other Israel Tour opportunities:

America Israel Travel:

Israel Christian Tours:


Finally, click on the ‘Israel Travel’ Page at the top of this blog to view photos from my two trips to Israel! I hope this has inspired some of you to make a trip to Israel a top priority!



  1. from Bill Campbell 12-30-11: is another travel company that will arrange a custom tour schedule for you. Tour sites are very expensive, average about 300 dollars per day, we booked our own through a land agent and went for 15 days for about 200 dollars a day including air fare. You can book lodging through the kibbutz hotel chain, save a ton of money. None of these tours interact with the soldiers, my wife’s family live in Israel and I served with the
    army reserves there so I like to see people acknowledge the efforts of the military to keep the country together. We hosted a small group a few years back and they brought little notes on greeting cards and handed them out to the soldiers they saw that just had a happy message and offered some encouragement. They bought a memorial wreath and gave it to the soldiers up on Ammunition Hill in Jerusalem, a thoughtful gesture. Unfortunately, my personal travels to Israel include a visit to the cemetary to visit some of my friends, the reality of what it costs to preserve and protect Israel today. Many tourists come and go and never interact much with the Israelis they pass in the street, but their visits would be enriched if they did. The next time you go, stop and bring some coca colas over to a group of soldiers and make some
    friends. BC

  2. from India is one of my friend’s tour operating company. He is now one of leading tour operator for holy land tours and Kerala tours. In this link you can see several packages for tour to Israel pilgrim places

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