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Yaron Bob

Kassam rockets fell early last Saturday in the Eshkol region of Israel, right next to the village of ‘Rockets into Roses’ artist and metal sculptor, Yaron Bob. Yaron became famous when he initiated the ‘Rockets into Roses’ project, by fashioning the remains of exploded kassam rockets into beautiful metal rose sculptures, menorahs, jewelry and art.

Yaron and his family live in Moshav Yated, a remote Israeli village adjacent to Israel’s border with both Gaza and Egypt. After experiencing numerous rockets attacks in southern Israel, Yaron wanted to teach the world that while Israel’s enemies seek to destroy, Israel is about peace, love and growth from destruction.

Yaron uses sculptured art to help Israel promote peace. He fashions his beautiful roses, menorahs and jewelry from Kassam rockets launched at Israelis. The rose sculptures have been presented to, and acquired by emissaries from around the world including; Sen. John Kerry, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon, actress Mia Farrow, and others. Some of the proceeds are donated to build shelters to protect Israeli citizens from future attacks.

“I take the Qassam, an instrument of death and I change it, transfer it, into a thing of beauty. This is my contribution to Israel,” says Bob. In 2005, Israeli citizens from 21 settlements in the Gaza Strip and 4 in the West Bank were moved from their homes as a painful gesture of peace with the Palestinians. Families were uprooted, synagogues abandoned, schools and businesses closed forever; all with the expectation that the Palestinians would respond in kind. But instead of peace, there was more war. Thousands of rockets were fired into the Israeli town of Sderot and its surrounding communities.

Yaron Bob lives and works in Yated, a village just a few kilometers from Gaza, and was all too familiar with the daily rocket attacks. It was then that Bob had the idea for the roses. He quotes a passage from the Bible which speaks of changing agents of destruction into symbols of peace, citing the verse from Isaiah (2:4) about “beating their swords into plowshares, their spears into pruning hooks.” Each rose takes up to 4 hours to sculpt and is welded onto a metal base shaped into a map of Israel. The stem extends out of Sderot, the Israeli town from where most of the rockets had hit. A plaque records the month and year the rocket landed.

Yaron Bob’s work has been featured by the New York Times, Jerusalem Post, CBN News and numerous other media outlets. Proceeds from Yaron’s metal artwork are donated towards building greatly needed bomb shelters in southern Israel.

Click on this link: Turning Terror Into Light to see a video clip of Yaron making a menorah.

To see and purchase Yaron’s precious work, and help build shelters to protect Israeli citizens from future rocket attacks, visit


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