Posted by: Elena's Israel Blog | 11/15/2011


School children in bomb shelter

Israel’s right to exist is being threatened daily. As prophesied, violence against Israel is escalating and recent rocket attacks continue to send Israelis running for their lives. When the Code Red sirens sound, innocent civilians and schoolchildren may have only a few seconds to find lifesaving protection. Their only hope is that an emergency bomb shelter is nearby.

Thousands of additional shelters are needed near schools and public places. But because Israel needs all her resources for defense right now, the government has reached out to ask IFCJ to provide 100 bomb shelters that can be immediately placed across the country. Please click on this link to watch a 2.5 minute video of Rabbi Eckstein in a preschool near Gaza:

Terrorists launching kassams

As I write this I just learned that Gaza terrorists launched two Kassam rockets at Israel’s communities in the western Negev late Tuesday afternoon. One rocket hit a local kindergarten. There were no physical injuries in the attack, but the kindergarten was badly damaged.


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