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Please set aside time  (26 minutes each) to listen to the following two messages by Dr. David Jeremiah of Turning Point Ministries. His messages are timely and important for Christians and for the United States – SO VERY IMPORTANT – oh, that our government would listen!

The messages are from his latest book I NEVER THOUGHT I’D SEE THE DAY, and the messages are entitled “When America Would Turn Her Back On Israel” Parts 1 and 2.


Have you ever thought about the importance of America’s relationship with Israel—and how America’s future depends on it? Dr. David Jeremiah teaches about God’s relationship with the nation of Israel and how His hand of blessing is on those who bless His chosen nation. David also shares the tragic results of what happens to an individual or nation who does the opposite. He counsels America to prioritize her relationship with Israel. Click on the following link to listen:


Are you willing to change your convictions to protect luxuries that you enjoy? Dr. David Jeremiah brings to light America’s error of catering to oil-producing nations whose product gives them a hold over our lifestyle. In this message, David challenges Americans to be faithful to Israel as we await God’s final plan for her, and her future role in the Millennium. Click on the following link to listen:




  1. from Annette Freedman: Loved it–it’s that and so much more. Read Golda Meir”s autobiography about early Zionist movement when Israel was a desolate dustbowl with absentee landlords who were glad to sell Jews the property at inflated prices.They laughed at the stupid Jews who bought the mosquito- infested swampland of the Jordan River for big bucks—Jews drained the land and NOW IT IS GREEN AND VERY FERTILE.They bought the salted fallow- land on the northern border–washed the soil and it is the breadbasket of Europe. PS , did I tell you the former owners want it back? Mark Twain on his trip to Israel said how the sea coast and elsewhere was just rolling dust. He went on to say why he believed in God—Simply “the Jews”.There has never been a time when there has not been a Jewish presence in Israel. Not when the Northern Kingdom went into Assyrian captivity nor when the Southern Kingdom went into Babylon captivity nor when Jews were dispersed to the 4 corners of the world after the temple’s destruction in 70ad. There was always a remnant..families within the tribes who remained faithful to God and were not dispersed.They were not punished with the rest of their tribe. The Zionist invited/hired non-Jews to come and help farm the land and that gave them questionable legal right to be the in the 1800+. But in 1948 during the 6-Day War these so-called Palestinians were told by their Arab brethren to flee the on-coming slaughter then they could return and take it all. BUT ISRAEL WON AND THEY LOST. But they still want it back. QUESTION:To the victor goes the spoils–Does that apply to ever other country BUT ISRAEL?

    I’m sure everybody knows that during the Roman occupation of Israel, the Romans in a punitive act changed the name Israel to Palestine. It is a made-up geo-political name and all the people living there suddenly were called Palestinians…. Jews, Christian and others.

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