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“The Palestinian Authority on the West Bank and the Hamas Government of Gaza both claim that Israel is ‘Occupied Palestine’.                                        

                               THIS IS A LIE.

Israel does not occupy “Palestine.” When Israel was created in 1948 there was no Palestine to occupy. There has never been a political entity, state or country called Palestine in the Middle East.

The derivation of the name “Palestine” is Roman, not Arabic. It was a name affixed to the Jewish homeland as an insult and punishment when Rome conquered Jerusalem and dispersed most of the Jews who lived there to the four corners of the globe.

The land on which Israel now stands was part of the Turkish Empire and had been for 400 years. The Turks are not Arabs and there was never a province, nor an entity in the Turkish Empire called “Palestine.”

In fact virtually no Arabs called themselves “Palestinians” until 1964, the year the Palestine Liberation Organization” was created. The goal of the PLO, as expressed in its charter, was not to liberate Palestinian Arabs from foreign rule but to destroy the Jewish state.

In 1949 Jordan annexed the West Bank and Egypt annexed Gaza. But the annexation of the so-called Palestinian homeland by these two powers called forth no protests from the Arab world. In 1964 Jordan ruled the West Bank and Egypt ruled Gaza, but the PLO did not call for the liberation of the West Bank or Gaza. It only called for the destruction of the “Zionist entity.”

It is true that the Arabs of the West Bank and Gaza are suffering. But they are suffering because of sixty years of Arab aggression; sixty years of Arabs rejecting peace, and sixty years of Arab wars to destroy the Jewish state. They are suffering because whenever the Arabs of the West Bank and Gaza were given the opportunity to hold free elections, they elected corrupt and terrorist regimes to rule over them.

Throughout human history, people have suffered deprivation and oppression. But never in history has a people waged a calculated war on women and children, and honored the murderers as heroes and martyrs, as the Palestinians now do.

The lie that Israel ‘occupies’ Palestine is genocidal in nature. The slogan that flows from it – “Palestine must be free from the River to the Sea” – is a demand that the Jewish state and its citizens must disappear.

There is one reason and one reason alone that there is no peace between the Arabs and Israel, and that is because since 1948, the Arab aggressors have refused to live side by side with a non-muslim, non-Arab, Jewish state.”

David Horowitz

The above was written by David Horowitz of the Freedom Center. However I will add what is in my understanding the biblical and spiritual reason for this hostility. It is simple.  Satan knows from his knowledge of Genesis and other prophecy that the Jewish Messiah will come to Israel and the world when the Jews in Israel repent of their unbelief and turn back to their God, Yahweh. Since the day of Adam and Eve Satan has been trying to prevent Messiah from coming to earth. He failed the first time but hopes to win the second time. Wiping all the Jews off the face of the earth would be his assurance of success. However we know the end of the story. And by the way, did you know that Jerusalem is not mentioned even once in the Koran, but is mentioned hundreds of times in the Bible? WE MUST PRAY AGAINST THE IMPENDING U.N. UNILATERAL DECLARATION OF A PALESTINIAN STATE WHICH WOULD MAKE ISRAEL INDEFENSIBLE.REMEMBER, THE ‘PALESTINIAN’ GOVERNMENT DENIES ISRAEL’S RIGHT TO EXIST AND WANTS TO WIPE IT OFF THE MAP AND DRIVE ITS PEOPLE INTO THE SEA.


Click on this link for a 3 minute video that says it all: Why a U.N. Declaration of Palestinian Statehood Is a Bad Idea


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