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Restoring Courage Recap with Highlights from GBTV!

Courage to Love - amphitheater at Caesarea

If you haven’t watched any of this historic and powerful event, please read this recap and visit the link below to see video clips of the amazing speeches given by Jews and Christians alike. I challenge you, if you have never cared about Israel and the Jews, to invest some time reading and listening and see if your heart is changed. If you already love Israel, then be inspired and affirmed in your support of God’s Chosen. It is the time to favor Zion!

Click on this: to view videos of the event.

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On August 24th, 2011, Glenn welcomed the world once again to Israel. What began at the coastline of Israel and moved then into the outer city of Jerusalem, ended as the final Restoring Courage event moved to the Old City of Jerusalem.

Rabbi Schlomo Riskin

After a blessing by Rabbi Riskin and the Israeli National Anthem, the Mayor of Jerusalem took to the stage to offer some of the show’s opening remarks. Speaking of the unprecedented freedom experienced by Jerusalem under Israeli rule, the Mayor declared, “Jerusalem will never be divided again,” a statement which received a huge ovation from the stage.

It was then that Glenn took to the stage to talk about the three faiths that all have such strong ties to Jerusalem.

“We meet today in a very small plaza, on the edge of a modest mountain, overlooking a shallow valley, by a tiny stream. This place, so modest, so small, is where God chose to first reveal himself to mankind. And God fills it with His majesty. For as long as man has known God, he has come here, to Jerusalem, to touch the mantle of the divine.

Pastor John Hagee

Three faiths. Three people. And while our faiths may take us away from each other, we always come back to Jerusalem,” he told the audience. “This plot of earth may be tiny. But it has been large enough for three faiths… and the pilgrims and faithful who come here. It must be as big as God’s heart. And it must be open to all,” he told people watching in person and all over the world via GBTV.

As he spoke, the music of each of the three faith played that represented the Jewish faith, the Christian faith, and the Muslim faith. As the music faded, Glenn welcomed people form all over the world to the Jerusalem.

“There are more than 1,000 people here, and there are more than 1,400 viewing parties around the world watching this live. Some of them are watching in places where our message of courage and freedom and truth is not welcome. Places like China and Cuba,” he said.

“People have risked their lives and reputations to come here today. They join us from Pakistan and Qatar. We have members of the EU parliament here, and other seats of government.”

“So whether you have joined us in person, or electronically, whether you are sitting in comfort and freedom, or under the darkness of repression, whether you are in a home, a hut, or a house of worship, please know that we thank you, and we recognize your courage.”

In the vein of Restoring Courage, awards for Faith, Hope, and Charity were given out to the Fogel family of Itamar (posthumously), the Jewish and Arab co-owners of Maxim restaurant, and Rami Levi.

It was then that Glenn took to the stage to give his final remarks.

(Read the full speech here)

Glenn at Southern Wall - Davidson Center

The speech was very much the culmination of many of the thoughts and themes that Glenn has been building on since 8/28 in Washington, DC. Rather than tell people to turn back to God, he brought the faithful to God’s throne in Jerusalem.

While his message was one personal responsibility, a common theme, Glenn took aggressive new steps in shifting gears from a passive observer and commentator to an active participant and leader in a new global movement to encourage others to stand up, be active, and couple rights with responsibility.

“If we want to be endowed with rights – real human rights, we have to act with responsibility. We must not be comfortable with rights. We must be comfortable with responsibility. We cannot use our few short years on this planet enjoying our rights… we must do everything we can living by our responsibilities to our fellow man. Rights and responsibilities. The two go hand-in-hand, arm-in-arm, together,” he said.

Read the Declaration of Rights & Responsibilties here.

“In the coming days, I want each of you to print them, read them, carry them, and make them a part of your lives. Share them with your family and friends. Remember all that God has done for you, teach these lessons to your children, and obey God’s word. And join me on a historic march towards human responsibility.”

Glenn plans also announced his intentions to take his message global.

“Some people call Israel an apartheid state. I reject that. And so immediately following this program I will fly to South Africa, which is where apartheid actually existed. I will broadcast from Cape Town tomorrow morning to remind the world what the evil of apartheid really looked like,” Glenn said during the event.

“And I will learn from the people who conquered the hatred, ignorance and bigotry and who chartered a peaceful course for a new South Africa.” “Then on Friday I will fly to South America to plead the case of human responsibility to a group of nearly 5,000 local leaders from all over the continent and ask them to join me in standing in defense of Israel, the Jewish people and responsibility.”

“Finally on Sunday, I will speak to 5,000 Americans in Dallas, Texas. I have chosen to end my week in the town where I will headquarter the charitable division of my company, Mercury One. Dedicated to the idea that one man, inspired by one God, makes a difference.”

“This trip will end where a global moment begins.”



  1. Thank you for sharing and bless all those involved in Restoring Courage.I love the brave Lady Sendler—What a heavenly reward awaited her in heaven and I look forward to meeting her there.

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