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Memorial Day is Today in Israel

As we acknowledge the death of Usama bin Laden, let us not think our enemies are eliminated.

Netanyahu: I Doubt the World Has Learned Holocaust Lesson

P. M. Benjamin Netanyahu

Iran’s fanatic high echelon is a danger to the entire world, not just a threat on Israel.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday [May 1] compared the Holocaust with current threats on Israel from Iran, Hamas, and Hizbullah during a ceremony at the Yad Vashem [Holocaust] Museum in Jerusalem, which launched Holocaust Remembrance Day events. (Click here to view a video of what happens on this day throughout Israel as a siren is sounded for several minutes).”We must not bury our heads in the sand and dismiss the threat with words of mockery,” he said. “Has the world learned this lesson? I doubt it. Have we? I believe we have.” Addressing Israel’s enemies, Netanyahu said: “The world should know that when the people of Israel and the Israel Defense Forces [IDF] say ‘Never again’—we mean every word.” Netanyahu addressed the Iranian threat throughout his speech. “It seems the world finds it easier to talk of lessons of the past rather than project them on the present day and future. But we, members of the Jewish people, must not ignore the lessons of the Holocaust on days such as these. New enemies continue to emerge, and as they deny the Holocaust and call for the annihilation of our people, Iran and its cohorts Hizbullah and Hamas openly call for the destruction of the Jewish state. “All the world’s cultured people, all those who say they have learned the lessons of the Holocaust, must unequivocally condemn those who call for the annihilation of the Jewish state. Iran is arming itself to fulfill this very end, and the world has yet to stop it. The threat on our existence cannot be swept aside; it is facing us, as well as mankind, and must be stopped.” President Shimon Peres said during the ceremony that Israel is committed to being the most anti-racist country in the world. “We, members of the Jewish people, were victims of racism, persecution, and discrimination, but we never abandoned the obligation to honor every person. We were not blinded by darkness,” he said. “Even in a dark world, we have aspired and continue to aspire to be a light unto the nations. We were alone, with no state of our own. The allied forces’ bomber planes that flew over Auschwitz did not drop a single bomb on the mass murder facilities,” he said. “The Holocaust determined there is no replacement for a home of our own. There is no replacement for the Israel Defense Forces. Today we have an excellent army which the world has learned to respect. We have a democratic regime which knows how to defend itself and spread peace. That is our answer to the enemy, to any enemy.” Peres added, “Even after the Holocaust, there remains a regime whose leaders are public Holocaust deniers and inciters. This should arouse horror with any person and shock any conscience. Iran’s fanatic high echelon is a danger to the entire world, not just a threat on Israel. It poses a real danger to the fate of mankind. The world’s nations have declared they will not tolerate a nuclear Iran. They are now being tested.”

Six Holocaust survivors lit torches at Yad Vashem as part of a ceremony under the banner “The faces behind the documents, artifacts and photographs.”

(Excerpts of an article by Yair Altman, Ynetnews, May 1, 2011)



  1. Just after posting this, I read in the Jerusalem Post Christian Edition that last year a delegation of 45 Amish people from the U.S. and Switzerland made a visit to Jerusalem to declare repentance for the the Amish and Mennonite disregard for the the Jewish people and their silence during the Holocaust. Bishop Ben Girod had had a profound encounter with God in 1981, where he realized that the Amish had been wrong to remain separate from the mainstream Evangelical church, and to isolate themselves and abandon the mission of the biblical faith, spreading the gospel. He found others who had heard the same message from God and they have now joined the new and growing phenomenon of Christian support for Israel. Praise God!

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