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Mishkahn David —– a very REAL place of worship!

Mishkahn David (Tabernacle of David)

PictureI want to tell you about a most wonderful place to go to feel the love of God and hear Him speak to you through the congregation and most of all the rabbi, yes rabbi! It is a Christian congregation but they are called ‘messianic’. Messianic congregations are for Jews who believe in Jesus (Yeshua) as their promised messiah.

However, this particular congregation is a little different. It is comprised mostly of gentiles who embrace the Jewishness of Christianity and the rabbi has a most unusual story to tell of his becoming a messianic ‘pastor’. If you live in MA, RI or CT, you could visit this ‘church’. It is open to everyone and it meets on Saturdays, (the Sabbath). When you are there you are aware that it is not ‘religious’ at all, but filled with music, dancing, shofars blowing, people greeting you with hugs, including the rabbi, total freedom and a powerful message from the Holy Spirit. You can stay all day and soak in the glory if you so choose! The website is at Please read the following testimony of rabbi Peter Oliviera of Mishkahn David of North Smithfield, RI, which I am publishing with his permission:

There are many wonderful testimonies of Jewish people who have had the veil removed from their eyes and now recognize Yeshua (Jesus) as their Messiah. Peter’s story however is somewhat different.

He was raised in a Christian home by missionary parents. When he was eight years old, Peter saw his Dad making preparations to have a baptism service. He asked what that meant, and his Dad explained this is what people do when they want to give their lives to G-d. Peter told his Dad he wanted to do that and was immersed in water on that same day.

Perhaps because of his young age, and also being a Pastor’s son, Peter bypassed the doctrinal classes necessary to become a member of his parent’s denomination. Yet his zeal to share G-d’s word led Pastors to invite him as a guest speaker at many congregations up to his early thirties.

As time passed, the more the Holy Spirit began to minister through his messages, the clearer it became that Peter was coloring outside the doctrinal lines of the denomination, and eventually he was cut off and no longer received as a servant of the L-rd.

Devastated and broken, he cried out to the L-rd for a long time with no reply… He could not understand why G-d would place such zeal in his heart, only to take away the opportunity to share it with His people. Time passed, and he accepted the fact that G-d would never again use him to minister unto Him and bless His people.

Messianic rabbi

One day, Peter was watching a movie with his sons, when a child in the movie began to sing a song in Hebrew… He suddenly fell apart and began to weep aloud in the movie theater. With his hands covering his face so as to not make a scene, he cried out to G-d and asked what was happening to him. In his spirit, he heard a gentle and warm voice answer: “This language was taken from you. Your spirit understands what your mind does not, but I AM returning you to the covenant of your forefathers…”

This incident led Peter on a journey where he discovered he is a Hebrew; a descendant of Jews who were exiled in Portugal and Angola; Jewish families that threw away their Hebraic roots and converted to Catholicism to escape imprisonment and maybe even death. It was at this time that the L-rd led Peter to a Messianic congregation where his spirit and his roots began to be restored.

The L-rd kept him there for seven years, five of which Peter served as an elder. At the end of the seven years Peter and His beloved wife Lisa, were released with a blessing, to go forth and lead the Messianic Jewish congregation “Mishkahn David” where they serve His people to this very day.

Today, Rabbi Peter is often asked to minister as a guest speaker/teacher in many congregations and he does so with the same zeal he had when he was a boy. But this time… He is accompanied by his beautiful wife Lisa and Mishkahn David’s praise and worship dancers, and there is no one who can cut him off from the cultivated olive tree that the L-rd returned him back to; His people Israel…

Rabbi Peter is married to Lisa and they have three boys and one foster son whose names are: Andre, Gabriel, Noah, and Bryan. *They reside in North Smithfield, Rhode Island.
*Update as of 2013: Rabbi Peter and his family now reside in Haiti where they minister in Beth Chesed Orphanage as well as a new Messianic congregation, Mishkahn Yeshua. The new rabbi at Mishkahn David, Brian Samuel,  is equally awesome and annointed! Again, to read about the latest goings on at Mishkahn David click on



  1. What a wonderful story. It would be so interesting to know how many of us who have a passion for Israel may also have Jewish ancestry!?
    What a testimony of God’s goodness, He is always seeking for us; as Jeremiah 1 says, “I knew you before you were in your mother’s womb.”
    This story really blessed me, what a joy it is find one’s “place.”

  2. […] Rabbi Peter Oliviera of Mishkahn D’avid in RI. Read about his congregation in a previous post at Mishkahn D’avid —– a very REAL place of worship!. These teachings were amazing and eye opening, very exciting to learn about. Also, please re-visit […]

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