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Israel’s Right To Defend Herself

I sent this letter to the editor and it was published in our local newspaper on June 4, 2010:

Israel’s Right to Defend Herself

As most of the world continues its anti-semitic stance against Israel, we should be aware of the truth behind the latest provocation against the tiny country. The Turkish flotilla was in defiance of an established blockade made necessary by Israel to defend itself against the constant attacks by Hamas from Gaza, a land given away in order to ensure ‘peace’. It has been used instead as a launching pad for daily missile attacks. Obviously, Israel cannot allow ships to go directly to Gaza for security reasons. She must make sure weapons are not being smuggled into Gaza in “humanitarian” cargoes. Israel delivers thousands of tons of humanitarian supplies every week to Gaza. These ships could have offloaded their cargoes at a nearby Israeli port if they really wanted to help the people of Gaza. Instead, they chose to incite confrontation and violence. Israel has a right to prevent arms shipments to Gaza that will be used to target innocent Israelis; thus they were legitimately checking the cargo on the flotilla.

As one Israeli put it, “I’m curious to know why they would bring rocks to help the Gazans? Isn’t there enough in Gaza? Also, I don’t understand why the ‘poor’ Gazans are starving, we gave them all the hothouses and equipment in 2005 when we left them Gush Katif. They could have used that to feed their people but they viciously destroyed everything and turned the land into terror camps. And isn’t it interesting that there is absolutely NO condemnation of the people who attacked our soldiers?”

According to the Weekly Standard, the organization behind this flotilla belongs to the Union of Good, which was created for the specific purpose of transferring tens of millions of dollars a year to Hamas-controlled entities in the Gaza Strip and whose leaders have been designated by our State Department as Specially Designated Global Terrorists.

The Israeli government had made it clear in advance that the six boats would not be allowed to enter Gaza directly but would have to bring any humanitarian aid  through Israeli ports. Israeli commandos ordered the boats to stop, but the flotilla refused. The Israelis then forced the boats to stop and boarded them in part to determine if the activists were trying to smuggle weapons into Gaza. The commandos were then attacked by the activists and the Israelis defended themselves. At least 10 activists were killed and several more were wounded. At least 5 Israeli commandos were wounded, as well.

As stated by Joel Rosenberg, American communications strategist and author, “Turkey has chosen to condemn Israel but we should be asking some serious questions about Turkey’s role in this whole affair. Why is a fellow member of NATO sponsoring such a dangerous publicity stunt? As one expert points out: ‘Three ships of that six-ship pro-terror convoy flew Turkish flags and were crowded with Turkish citizens. The Ankara government – led by Islamists these days – sponsored the ‘aid’ operation in a move to position itself as the new champion of the Palestinians. And Turkish decision-makers knew Israel would have to react – and were waiting to exploit the inevitable clash. The provocation was as cynical as it was carefully orchestrated.’”

When one thinks about the centuries of hatred, persecution, attempts at extermination of the Jews, it is nothing less than a miracle and fulfilled biblical prophecy that Israel is actually a country today, the Hebrew language has been restored, Jews from every corner of the earth have been returning from the dispersement, and the Land is being transformed from a barren wasteland to the land flowing with milk and honey. Obviously God is continuing His plan for this people and this country and the world will know it. Stand with Israel. “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.” (Ps. 122:6a)



  1. These were comments sent the day after:

    Thank you for such an excellent letter supporting Israel. This tiny God-fearing country is definitely being guided by the Hand of God. That alone is something to celebrate. ‘I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.’ Genesis 12:3


    Elena: Thanks for the great letter. I hope more folks actually know how evil the Arabs and Palestinians are. They support Hamas and the Arabs should give Palestine their own land but will not. This was given by Israel to them 30 or 40 years ago to form peace. It never worked as they want to eat Israel up and kill all her people. The 6 million that the Germans killed and many more and their mementos and memories, businesses and art and all they worked so hard to own was taken by the Germans. Great group not. Now, almost 80 years later they are still being vilified and insulted by US and ***** in white house is too smart not to know protocol and treated Israel’s prime minister terribly. I hope that if Iran gets mental, they wait to see where the nukes are headed before taking them out. It is no more than US deserves for this debacle of yesterday probably only shot by Fox of the Israelis dropping down from helicopters to be beaten to death by this group of humanitarians. My butt – they killed a number of Jews. I hope each time aid is stopped and if they refuse of offload in Israel, it is a nation and can blow them out of the water, but they are too kind.

    Did you notice there was an Al Jazeera reporter and film crew on the ship? This was so obviously planned. Attack the soldiers viciously enough that their lives are in danger, then condemn them for their self defense.

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