Posted by: Elena's Israel Blog | 11/01/2010

One Year Ago Today

A year ago today I arrived in Israel for the second time. This time it was with Rev. John Howson, the Canadian representative for Bridges For Peace. It was a study tour, not just a tour. We were sent a study manual months before the trip to learn many facts about the culture, language, geography, history, religions, foods, and customs in Israel. It was a great preparation for the tour. On this trip, we not only visited some of the same sites I’d seen before, but we visited the BFP Food Bank and two of the schools that BFP supports. Also, we met some recent immigrants to Israel, a professor from Toronto who gave us a talk on the process of immigration and showed us around her settlement, and we met Rebecca Brimmer, the Founder of BFP. Today I have added a link to the ‘Israel Travel’ page on this blog. It opens up a very descriptive journal written by a fellow tourist and writer, Lenore Eidse, of Canada. Please scroll to the bottom of the travel page and click on the link. Enjoy!


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